I am an ex-professional cyclist and triathlete turned entrepreneur who has represented Great Britain at World and European level.


I have worked within the health and fitness industry since the mid-90s in a huge range of capacities including running retail business, coaching Formula 1 drivers' and celebrities, launching bike and clothing brands right through to helping some of the biggest global companies improve their health, wellbeing, and CSR. 


I am really excited about this next chapter of my career and feel now is the right time to use all of my experience to make ammp.fit something exciting! 

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The story behind ammp.fit

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, I took stock of my life during the lockdown period and very quickly realised that my work/life balance was wrong and how important my fitness, family, and friends really are to me.  I had allowed myself to forget that and not pay it the attention it deserves.


I think this difficult time has presented an opportunity to start fresh and take things back to basics. Huge numbers of people turned to sports and exercise as a direct result of the pandemic and my mission is to help make the world a healthy, happier, active place and embrace these people's newfound love of sport and exercise. 

Sport has been a consistent in my life and it has given me so much to date. Now, I want to simplify things and coach, teach and inspire people in a way that only sport and exercise can, by using  the 25+ years of experience and knowledge as an athlete and coach and entrepreneur.


Covid-19 is dictating many things for many people right now so we are choosing to keep within the guidelines and add new and exciting services over and short and longer term period. So, don't worry if you don't see what you like right now... theres lots more to come!



- Coached evening run sessions
- Coached swimming pool sessions
- Corporate coaching packages
- Remote/Online training services
- Coached weekend run sessions
- Regular FREE online content



- Openwater swim coaching

- An online community platform

- Monthly membership packages

- Member reward schemes

- Partnership member discounts

- AMMP merchandise 

- Training holidays & camps

and much more...

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Roehampton Gate, London SW15 5JR


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The AMMP family consists of three businesses that all work harmoniously but all provide a specialist and expert service to their respective customer bases. AMMP's digital content business, ammp.media came along first in 2019 and was followed by the health and wellness business, ammp.fit in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The most recent addition to the family is the consultancy and talent management business, ammp.sport. 

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Night Running


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Image by Simon Connellan